ECT TV {short for Emerging Creatively Tutorials Television} is a biweekly YouTube show that features jewelry tutorials, creativity tips and other tips about jewelry making and being artsy/crafty in general.

A new episode comes out every other Wednesday.

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Here are links to the past episodes blogposts (starting from the most recent episode):

Episode 79:  Planning Creative Projects for the New Year

Episode 78:  Wire Wrapped Bead Link

Episode 77:  Wire Wrapped Upcycled Chandelier Crystal Earrings


Episode 76:  Stacked Wire Wrapped Rose Ring


Episode 75:  Stacked Button Necklace

ECT TV Episode 74: Spiral Pendant

Episode 74:  Spiral Pendant

ECT TV Episode 73: Simple Hoop Earrings (video + step-by-step intructions)

Episode 73:  Simple Hoop Earrings

ECT TV Episode 72: Hoop Earrings

Episode 72:  Hammered Hoop Earrings

ECT TV Episode 71: Intro to Making Earrings

Episode 71:  Introduction to Making Earrings

ECT TV Episode 70: Beaded Hoop Pendant

Episode 70:  Beaded Hoop Pendant Tutorial

ECT TV Episode 69: Bead and Chain Anklet

Episode 69:  Bead and Chain Anklet

ECT TV Episode 68: Gemstone Chip Bunch Earrings

Episode 68:  Gemstone Chip Bunch Earrings Tutorial

ECT TV Episode 67: Wire Spiral Pendant

Episode 67:  Spiral Wire and Bead Pendant

ECT TV Episode 66: Silk Ribbon Bracelet with Focal Bead

Episode 66:  Silk Ribbon Bracelet with Focal Bead

ECT TV Episode 65: Arrowhead Necklace

Episode 65:  Arrowhead Necklace

ECT TV Episode 64: Gemstone Bead and Silk Ribbon Bracelet

Episode 64:  Gemstone Bead and Silk Ribbon Bracelet

ECT TV Episode 63: Interlocking Wire Wrapped Bead Necklace

Episode 63:  Interlocking Wire Wrapped Bead Link Necklace

ECT TV Episode 62: How to Make a Wire Wrapped Gemstone Bracelet

Episode 62:  Wire Wrapped Gemstone Bracelet

ECT TV Episode 61: Simple Wire Ring

Episode 61:  Simple Wire Ring

Wire Wrapped Rose Ring

Episode 60:  Wire Wrapped Rose Ring

ECT TV Episode 59

Episode 59:  Front Clasp Springtime Necklace

ECT TV Episode 58: Crimping Techniques

Episode 58:  Crimping Techniques

ECT TV Episode 57

Episode 57:  Beaded Earrings with Wire Wrapped Knot

ECT TV Episode 56: Make a Simple Necklace from Art Journal Inspiration

Episode 56:  Simple Necklace from Art Journal Inspiration

ECT TV Episode 55

Episode 55:  Skeleton Key Ornament

ECT TV Episode 54 - Button Wreath Ornament

Episode 54:  Button Wreath Ornament

ECT TV Episode 53: Sided Drilled Beaded Earrings

Episode 53: Side Drilled Beaded Earrings

ECT TV Episode 52: Jump Ring Pendant

Episode 52: Jump Ring Pendant

ECT TV Episode 51

Episode 51: Adjustable Bangle Bracelet

ECT TV Episode 50

Episode 50: Chunky Beads and Chain Necklace


ECT TV Episode 49

Episode 49: Wire Work Earrings

ECT TV Episode 48: Earrings

Episode 48: Earrings!

ECT TV Episode 47

Episode 47: Dangle Spiral Earrings

ECT TV Episode 46: Wire Spiral Pendant

Episode 46: Wire Spiral Pendant

ECT TV Episode 45: Bead Dangle Bracelet

Episode 45: Bead Dangle Bracelet

ECT TV Episode 44: Button Earrings

Episode 44: Button Earrings

ECT TV Episode 43: Buttons and Butterflies Necklace

Episode 43: Buttons and Butterflies Necklace

ECT TV Episode 42: Stringing

Episode 42: How to Sting Using Wire Guards or How to Fix a Necklace

ECT TV Episode 41

Episode 41:  Spiral and Bead Link Earrings

ECT TV Episode 40: How to Make an Anklet

Episode 40:  Simple Anklet

ECT TV Episode 39: Ombre Jump Ring Earrings

Episode 39:  Ombre Bead Dangle Earrings

How to Make an Ombre Bead Dangle Necklace

Episode 38:  Ombre Bead Dangle Necklace


Episode 37:  Adjustable Triangle Wire Ring


Episode 36:  Flower Ring

Adjustable Heart Ring Tutorial

Episode 35:  Adjustable Heart Ring

ECT TV Episode 34

Episode 34:  How to Make an Open Spiral Headpin, Knotted Headpin and Bead Dangle Charm

ECT TV Episode 33: How to Make Ornate Headpins & Earrings

Episode 33:  How to Make Ornate Headpins and Earrings

ECT TV Episode 32: How to Make a Waterfall Necklace

Episode 32:  How to Make a Waterfall Necklace

ECT TV Episode 31: Key Ornament

Episode 31:  How to Make a Key Ornament

ECT TV Episode 30: How to Make Tassels

Episode 30:  How to Make Tassels

ECT TV Episode 29

Episode 29:  Wire Circle Pendant

ECT TV Episode 28: How to Make a Clasp

Episode 28:  Wire Hook Clasp

ECT TV Ep 27: Stacked Pendant Tutorial

Episode 27:  Stacked Pendant Tutorial

IMG_5739 b

Episode 26:  How to Make a Bead Link Necklace + Nature Inspiration

ECT TV Episode 25: Quick and Easy Earrings

Episode 25:  How to Make Quick & Simple Wire Earrings

ECT TV Episode 24: Beaded Hoop Earrings

Episode 24:  How to Make Beaded Hoop Earrings + Earring Wires

ECT TV Episode 23

Episode 23:  Facing Creative Fears and How to Make a Stretch Button Ring

Bead Dangle Ring Tutorial

Episode 22:  How to Make a Bead Dangle Ring (and where to get beads)

ECT TV Episode 21: Adjustable Wire Spiral Ring

Episode 21:  Adjustable Spiral Wire Ring

ECT TV Episode 20

Episode 20:  Button Charm (style 2)

ECT TV Episode 19: How to Make a Charm with Unconventional Materials

Episode 19:  Button Charm

ECT TV Episode 18

Episode 18:  How to Make a Button Charm Bracelet

Wire workshop

Episode 17:  Wire Workshop

ECT TV Ep 16

Episode 16:  How to Make a Braided Bracelet

ECT TV Ep 15

Episode 15:  How to make Bangle Bracelets

ECT TV Episode 14

Episode 14:  Knotted Bracelet

ECT TV Episode 13

Episode 13:  How to Make Simple Jewelry

ECT TV Episode 12

Episode 12:  Spiral Charm Pendant

ECT TV Episode 11

Episode 11:  How to Make Earrings with Chain, Wire and Beads

ECT TV Episode 10

Episode 10:  How to Make a Hardware Bracelet


Episode 9:  Self-Expression in Jewelry Making

ECT TV Episode 8

Episode 8:  Garden Necklace Tutorial

ECT TV Episode 7

Episode 7:  Circle Ring Tutorial

ECT TV Episode 6

Episode 6:  How to Make Simple Dangle Earrings

ECT TV Episode 5

Episode 5:  How to Make a Bead Dangle

ECT TV Episode 4

Episode 4:  All About Buttons

ECT TV Episode 3: Double Stand Bracelet

Episode 3:  How to Make a Double Strand Bracelet

ECT TV Episode 2

Episode 2:  Intuitive Necklace


Episode 1:  How to Make a Stretch Bracelet


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