Free Inspired Mini Course – Introduction & Part 1

Sometimes you don’t feel 100% creative and you need a little boost.  You might be in the middle of a creative block and need a little inspiration to get your creative motivation back.

Today I’m sharing Part 1 of a new free mini eCourse to help inspire you and get you started toward creativity again.

[Below is basically a transcript of the video.]

This free mini course is in 5 parts:

  • Part 1 is a creative activity to inspire you and boost your creativity.
  • Part 2 is creating an art journal page.  Don’t worry if you haven’t done this before, I’ll suggest ideas for your art journal – even if you don’t feel like an artist.  Even though I’ll be sharing my pages, your art journal is just for you and you don’t have to share your pages with anyone.
  • In Part 3 we’ll pull out themes and ideas from your art journal page.
  • In Part 4 we’ll sketch our jewelry ideas.  Don’t worry if you don’t think you can sketch or draw.
  • Part 5 is a jewelry tutorial.  In this mini course I hope that you’ll be inspired to come up with your own unique ideas with your own personal style.  If you do, I hope you’ll make your own piece.  However, if you’re not sure, I have a fun, customizable jewelry tutorial for you using materials you likely already have on hand.

As I said, I’ll share Part 1 here today.  To get the remaining lessons, Parts 2-5, just sign up below and I’ll send you the link to enroll in the mini course for free!

This mini course will give you a taste of my full eCourse, Inspired eCourse.  Inspired eCourse is a creativity/art journal/jewelry making course.  If you like this mini course, you’ll love Inspired eCourse.  You can check out the full Inspired eCourse here: Inspired eCourse.

Now, let’s get started.

Part 1:  Creativity Booster:  Clean Your Workspace

Part 1 is a creativity boosting exercise.  The exercise is clean your workspace.

By workspace I mean anywhere you work, whether you have a full studio, a drawer stashed with beads or anything in between.

I think the main reasons this works are:

#1  You will get your mind off of creativity.  This will actually help you come up with ideas.  My very best ideas happen when I’m doing something else.  Have you ever noticed you get ideas in the shower or when you’re doing mindless chores around the house?

#2  You will actually see and touch your supplies.  You might find things you forgot about or lost and get ideas of what to do with those supplies.

#3  Have a clean space makes you want to dive back into a project.

Sometimes it’s our tendency to want to “come up with ideas” or really push ourselves when we have creative blocks.  Instead I find it helpful to do something — almost anything — else.

For instance, cleaning your workspace, taking a shower, cleaning your house, doing the dishes, basically doing something that takes your mind off creativity, but something you don’t have to think about too hard.  Maybe reading a fun novel or magazine would work for you.

Do you remember that feeling when you’re in the bead store or online shopping and you find a great bead, clasp, etc. that you can’t wait to use?

Sometimes you don’t use it right away.  Then life calls and you’ve moved on.  The beads get stashed on your worktable or in a box or wherever and you forget about them.

This happens to everyone.

Sometimes you have a few beautiful leftover beads from a project that have been tossed aside or forgotten.

When you organize your supplies, you will see them again.  It’s like when you got them the first time!  Now you’re excited to use them again.

I find this to be the case even with leftover beads from other projects.  I’ll be like, “Yay!  I still have a few of these beads!”  And start coming up with an idea.

What you can do right now:

Even if you have very little time to do a whole big reorganization, you can set a timer for 15 or 20 minutes and see how far you get.


  • Putting away beads leftover from a project.
  • Organizing your tools.
  • Just picking out the scrap wire to recycle.
  • Just picking out any trash that accumulated.
  • Separating your mess into piles of like items (i.e. a pile of wire, a pile of beads, a pile of tools, a pile of findings)
  • Make a list of things you need to get at the store to complete your organization (i.e. bins, bead containers, etc.)

As you can see, even if you don’t have hours to devote, you can just set a timer for 5 minutes and take one step.  Even just 5 minutes can really get your creativity percolating. 

Also, you may find things you want to let go of.  You can donate this items to a charity thrift store or someone who would love them.

I go through and purge my supplies every so often and I love the feeling of knowing I love everything I have left.

So dive in and clean up your workspace.  When you find some beads that you’re really inspired by as you go along, go ahead and put them to the side for a jewelry project.  I like to collect beads I want to use next in a pretty bowl or on a tray.

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Earrings Every Day Month 2017

Earrings Every Day Month

Everything you need to know about Earrings Every Day Month 2017!

I’m so excited for the forth year of Earrings Every Day Month!  I hope you’ll join in.

Rainfall Earrings

What is Earrings Every Day Month?

Each day for the month of September make a pair of earrings.

Challenges are such a great way to supercharge your creativity and get you into the flow of creativity.


Beaded Hoop Earrings Style 2

Ways to participate:

Option 1 –

Make a pair of earrings each day in the month of September.  You’re doing the challenge by simply making earrings each day.

Option 2 –

Make a pair of earrings each day and tell us about it.  You can post a photo to Instagram or Facebook with the hashtag:  #earringseveryday2017 or upload a photo of your earrings to the Emerging Creatively Tutorials Facebook page.

*Note:  there will be rewards for this!  See below under “rewards.”

Additionally, you can join my email newsletter to get weekly emails (on Fridays) for inspiration and encouragement throughout Earrings Every Day Month.

Option 3 –

Get an earring tutorial each and every day for the month of September with Earring eCourse.  Each day you’ll get an email with a video tutorial and PDF with photo and written instructions of the tutorial.

Plus you’ll have a secure page on my website where you can return to all of the tutorials again and again after the challenge is over.

*Plus different rewards for participation!  See below under “rewards.”.

Learn more about Earrings eCourse here.

(Note:  Once you purchase Earrings eCourse from me, you can continue to participate again and again without any additional charge!)

Cyclone Earrings

Rewards and Prizes!

I’m so excited to have some fun rewards for those of you who participate and take the extra time to post photos!

Here’s how it will work:

If you’re taking Option 3 above and taking Earrings eCourse, then you can post right in the virtual classroom and/or post on Facebook or Instagram with the hashtag #earringseveryday2017

If you’re not participating in the online class, post photos to Instagram or Facebook with the hashtag #earringseveryday2017 or upload photos directly to the Emerging Creatively Tutorials Facebook page.

You’ll have 1 week grace period to complete the challenge – October 7th.

When you’re done (by October 7th) send me an email telling me how many earrings you completed and where you posted the photos so I can verify it.  (I’ll remind you if you are in the eCourse or if you join my email newsletter.)

Here are the prizes:

For the free version (you didn’t take the eCourse):

Complete 10 earrings and post photos and get:  a PDF earring pattern.

Complete 20 earrings and post photos and get:  the above + a video workshop (which will include a video tutorial and PDF eBook of the project as well.)

Complete all 30 earrings and post photos and get:  All of the above and a bundle of 5 earring video workshops.  PLUS be entered to win a prize bundle (includes 40 feet of 20 gauge silver plated Parawire plus a selection of beads.)

For the eCourse version:

Complete 10 earrings and post photos (to either the classroom and/or Instagram or Facebook with the hashtag) and get:  a special new PDF workshop

Complete 20 earrings and get:  the above + a new video workshop

Complete all 30 earrings and get:  all of the above + a new special workshop on jewelry design.  PLUS be entered to win a prize bundle that is separate from the free version.  One prize bundle will include 40 feet of 20 gauge silver plated Parawire and a selection of beads.  Two additional prize bundles will be available that include bead selections.

Double Spiral Earrings


You must post photos to Instagram or Facebook with the hashtag #earringseveryday2017 OR upload the photo to Emerging Creatively Tutorials Facebook page if you are not taking the class to get the prizes.

If you are taking the class, you can post your photos as above if you like and/or right on that day’s post in the virtual classroom.

All the photos must be posted by October 7th to get the prizes above.

Email me to claim your reward(s) by or on October 7th with where you posted your photos and how many earrings you completed.

Chain and Bead Teardrop Earrings

How to get ready for Earrings Every Day Month:

Check out Earring eCourse here.  You can sign up for it now and actually get access to all of the tutorials immediately this year so you can plan out any supplies you’ll need.

Check out this post about getting ready for Earrings Every Day Month for lots of ideas for getting ready for this challenge.

I can’t wait!  I hope you’re excited, too!!

Earring eCourse

Get daily emails with a video + PDF tutorial each day through the entire month of September, 30 virtual earring workshops, and keep them after the challenge is over by signing up for Earring eCourse!  Learn more here.

Daily Creativity Challenges: Whey They’re Great and How to Prepare

Daily Challenges

In this video I talk about why I love daily creativity challenges, how they help your creativity and how to be prepared for a daily challenge like Earrings Every Day Month.

If you’re getting ready for Earrings Every Day Month, check out this post about Getting Ready for Earrings Every Day Month.

It has tips and links to tutorials that will be helpful for you throughout the month!

Not signed up yet?  Sign up for Earrings Every Day Month here:  Earrings Every Day Month

Or upgrade to Earrings eCourse, the eCourse that goes along with Earrings Every Day Month.  In the eCourse you get a new tutorial every day for the month of September!

Earrings Every Day Month

Q & A with Kim – Ask me Anything!

Q & A with Kim

Update:  The Q & A is now over, but please feel free to contact me or comment on blogposts to ask questions anytime.  🙂

Hi there!

I know you have questions and I want to answer them!

So on Wednesday, November 18, 2015 from 2:00 pm to 4:00 pm Eastern Time I’m going to answer them right here on my website.

How it works:

Submit your question right here on this blogpost.  Just click “reply” below and write your question and submit it.  You can do this anytime between now and Wednesday and even during the 2:00 to 4:00 time.  You can submit your question ahead of time and I’ll answer it at that time.

On Wednesday at 2:00 p.m. I’ll start answering your questions right here in the same place.  You will find your answer as a reply to your comment.  If you ask a question ahead of time, make sure to come back and see your answer.  You can also ask a follow up question if my answer isn’t clear.

Everything will be right here in writing on this blogpost in the comments section.  (It says “reply.”)

What you can ask:

Really anything.  If I don’t know the answer, I’ll let you know that I don’t know.

If you are rude or mean, I’ll probably not post your question at all.  If it’s too personal, I’ll just let you know.

I’m most expecting questions along the lines of the following because that’s where I can be the most help:

  • Jewelry making – can be general or specific techniques, troubleshooting questions, ideas you want to run by me, etc. *
  • Creativity related questions
  • Art Journal related questions
  • Inspiration related questions
  • Any questions about my “Inspired Mini Series” that’s running right now.  Questions about it or things that have come up for you during the prompts so far.
  • Questions related to any of my products or eCourses.
  • Questions about my upcoming “Inspired” eCourse or “Rediscover Your Creativity & Make Jewelry”

*Regarding jewelry techniques:  please ask away even if you don’t think I can type an answer in text.  I may already have a video or tutorial that I can point you to.  If not, I may do a video or photo tutorial in the near future to help answer your question if it’s not easily answered with typewritten words.  I’ll let you know when you ask the question.

Other questions are encouraged as well.  Like I said, if I can answer it, I will.


Submit your question anytime starting right now by just clicking reply and typing in your question.

I’ll answer your question on November 18, 2015 starting at 2:00 p.m. my time (Eastern US time.)  At 4:00 pm the questions will be closed.

I’m excited to see what you want to ask me!  🙂

Earrings Every Day Month, Final Day

Earrings Every Day Month, Final Day

September has been Earrings Every Day Month here at Emerging Creatively Tutorials.  Each day we’ve been making a pair of earrings.  I’ve been showing you what I’ve been making (links below) here on my blog.

The end of a month long project is always so bittersweet, isn’t it?

On one hand, I’m proud of all the earrings I’ve made.  I had so much fun and creative inspiration the entire month.

On the other hand, I’m sad it’s over.  It’s become such a part of my daily routine to make earrings each day.

Simultaneously with this project, I’ve been doing a daily scrapbooking project as well this month.  And it feels so weird that both are over.

But the thing about it is it doesn’t actually have to be over.  I can keep making jewelry every day and I can keep scrapbooking each day, too.  And I just might do that.  🙂

I wanted to share my last couple of earrings from Earrings Every Day Month/Earrings eCourse.


Day 29:  Chain and Bead Teardrop Earrings

Chain and Bead Teardrops

These earrings were a new edition for the 2015 Earrings eCourse and so much fun to make!

The beads are beads are from a necklace that I took apart that I got at a used jewelry sale.  (I used beads from the same necklace for these earrings, too.)

I made my own earring wires as usual.  That’s something I’m finding I did more often this year.  I think I used earrings I made myself for all of the earrings this year instead of using any store purchased.

It is pretty quick and easy just to make your own earring wires.

Day 30:  Beaded Square Earrings

Beaded Square Earrings

These are also new for the 2015 Earrings eCourse.

I chose to just use a variety of randomly colored beads, just pulling out beads from a bag of multicolored beads I had.

I used brass wire and, of course, made my own earring wires.

Well, that concludes Earrings Every Day Month for another year!

If you are in Earrings eCourse, you have continued access the the class and can keep on making earrings with the tutorials.  And if you are an Earrings Every Day participant with either the paid (Earrings eCourse) or free version and feel “behind,” just keep on going.  You can still make earrings.  Don’t feel behind.

If you missed out this year, don’t worry!  There will be Earrings Every Day Month again in September 2016!

Here are links to the previous earrings:

Day 1

Day 2

Day 3

Day 4

Day 5

Days 6 & 7

Day 8

Day 9

Day 10

Day 11

Days 12, 13 & 14

Day 15 (ECT TV Episode 49)

Days 16, 17 & 18

Days 19-23

Day 24

Days 25 & 26

Day 27

P.S.  Earrings Every Day Month (and Earrings eCourse) will be held again next September.  Signups will be open sometime in August 2016.

In the meantime, you can find all kinds of eWorkshops, eBooks, print books, individual jewelry tutorials and other eCourses here.