How to Make an Inspiration Treasure Chest

Inspiration Treasure Chest

Sometimes I have days that are just blah and I’m not inspired at all.  I love having a little “treasure chest” of items to inspire me on those days.

It’s pretty simple to put together:

  • Find a container; and
  • Put things in it that inspire you.

As time goes by, you’ll find some new things to put in it and perhaps take other things out.

In today’s video I show you how I put together my Inspiration Treasure Chest.


Inspiration Treasure Chest

Some ideas for containers:

  • I used a cute planter.
  • Altoid box (click here for a tutorial on how to decorate it)
  • Mason jar lantern (obviously without the candle.  Click here for a tutorial to make it.)
  • Any box.
  • Basket.
  • I also think of my sketchbook as a treasure trove of inspiration.

Inspiration Treasure Chest

Ideas of what to put in your Inspiration Treasure Chest:

  • Cards with inspirational quotes.  (Learn how to make quote cards here.)
  • Photos of inspiring places.  You could use your own photographs of places you’ve visited and love or print inspiring photos of places you’d love to visit.
  • Souvenirs.
  • Cards/letters you’ve received.
  • Any ephemera that inspires you.
  • Aromatherapy (essential oils, herbs or candles.)
  • Any little items that delight you.
  • A list of things to do to feel inspired again.
  • Anything else that you find inspiring.

So what are you going to put in your Inspiration Treasure Chest?

Jewelry Design Workshop

Have you been making jewelry, but following others’ tutorials and have a yearning to come up with your own unique designs?

Have you seen other people’s designs, but they’re just not quite right for you and your own style?

Wondering how you even figure out your own personal jewelry style?

And how do you come up with ideas without having all day to dream about jewelry designs?

Give me a few minutes a day and I will take you from wondering how jewelry designers come up with their ideas to designing your own jewelry in your own unique style!

In my Jewelry Design Workshop you’ll learn my process for never running out of ideas for jewelry designs. Through the process, you’ll develop your own personal jewelry style and even learn how to put together a cohesive collection.

We’ll start by learning about the basic principles of jewelry design. Then you’ll learn how to create an Idea Collage, a technique you can do over and over again to get lots of inspiration. Plus you’ll get some bonus prompts for even more inspiration. I’ll share my process for pulling ideas from your Idea Collage.

Then we’ll move onto actually sketching our design ideas and choosing designs for a collection. Finally, I’ll share tips for finalizing your jewelry designs and troubleshooting when a design does not seem to be quite working.

Learn more and sign up here.


Stacking Bracelets

Bracelet stacks

My love of jewelry making began with bracelets. 

When I was a kid I had this little purse/bag just filled with beads and I would make stretchy bracelets all the time.

To this day, bracelets are one of my favorite things to make.  You can really express yourself, but they don’t take as long as a necklace to make.

Lately the trend in jewelry is to wear layers:  a few necklaces layered, as many rings as you can get on your fingers and stacked bracelets.

Bracelet stacks

Recently I was wearing all of these bracelets together on one wrist at one time.

I have never been into “matchy-matchy” but I would rather have a collection of pieces that reflect my own personal taste.  (And if you are matchy-matchy, that’s perfectly A-OK, too!)

You can see the different bracelets:  different colors and textures.  And they’re made with different techniques as well.  Well, and one I didn’t make, but purchased at a used jewelry sale.

Bracelet stacks

You certainly don’t need to wear 7 bracelets.  You could wear just 2 or 3.  In fact, most often I wear 2 or I wear my watch with 1 or 2 bracelets, depending on my mood.

Once you have a collection of bracelets, you can really decide how you want to express yourself on any given day.

The 3 bracelets pictured above were all made with the same technique.  I show how to make them in ECT TV Episode 83.

I love have separate single bracelets as opposed to one multiple strand bracelet because then you can change your mind about what strands to wear together.

Bracelet stacks

Here is what these particular bracelets are:

Starting at the top with the tassel bracelet and working around to the right:

  • Chain tassel bracelet – I purchased it at a thrift store or used jewelry sale.
  • Yellow beaded bracelet using the technique from ECT TV Episode 83
  • Funky wire wrapped link bracelet – this is from Rediscover Your Creativity & Make Jewelry eCourse, my Brave Bracelet.  (I run Rediscover in sessions a couple of times a year.  Make sure you’re getting my emails to find out when it’s in session next.)
  • Blue beaded bracelet using the technique from ECT TV Episode 83
  • Knotted Link Bracelet – so much fun to make!  I have a workshop here that teaches you the technique.
  • Wire wrapped link bracelet – I just connected wire wrapped bead links to form a bracelet.  (I teach the technique here.)
  • Pink beaded bracelet – another bracelet that was made with the technique I teach in ECT TV Episode 83.

As you can see, simply using different beads with the same technique can really change up the look of a bracelet.

You can find all kinds of bracelet tutorials (both free and paid online workshops) by using the search bar and looking for bracelets here on my website.

Why Choose a Word of the Year? (Plus my Word of the Year)

Why Choose a Word of the Year

Why choose a Word of the Year?

Watch the video or read below:

Life moves so quickly, doesn’t it?  When you’re not paying attention an entire year flies by and it feels like you don’t know what you did or what you accomplished.

But when you do pay attention, you can embrace each day as a gift and live it fully . . . no matter what you’re doing any particular day.

I started choosing a word of a day several years ago to start living my life with intention.  The older I get the quicker days and years fly by.  When I was younger I felt like I had all the time in the world.  Now, I know that I don’t.

I often say that every single person dies.  No one is getting out alive.  It may sound morbid, but I use it as inspiration to live my life as fully as possible.  I know I have a finite amount of time on this planet, so I want to get as much out of it as I can.

Having said that, we only do have so much time each day.  We still have responsibilities and commitments, but we can face those commitments with wholehearted intention.

When you choose a word for your year, you’re choosing an intention of how you want to live your life.

Last year my word was “wholehearted.”  I wanted everything I did to be wholehearted.  I wanted to either fully commit or not commit to each action I did.

It was helpful because even for the things I don’t necessarily love to do (cleaning, for example) I chose to do wholeheartedly.  I found a way to feel fully committed and intentional about the task I was doing at the moment.

For example, I don’t love to clean, but I love to have a clean house.  I can feel wholehearted about cleaning because of the outcome of the action.

My word this year

I struggled choosing one word this year.  I have several words that are my core desired feelings and I had a difficult time choosing between them.

The more I thought about it, though, the more I realized that they could all fall under one category and that was Love.

My Word of the Year is . . .

Love can be an unclear word, but I have defined it for myself.  And I suggest when you choose your word you use whatever definition works for you.  What does your word mean to you?

For me love is:

  • An extreme kindness that I can show to myself, my family, my friends and every other human being.
  • Giving my time, money, and energy to organizations who need it.
  • Sharing my gifts so that others can discover and share their gifts as well.
  • The opposite of hate.
  • The opposite of fear.

When I think about how love will be a part of my year, I will think, “How can I find love here?” In any location and in any circumstance.

What is your word for the year?

I would love to hear it!  Pop it into the comments below.  You can add a little about what it means to you or just keep that to yourself.

If you’re not sure yet, I have some exercises and worksheets in the Word of the Year Talisman Workshop that you can work through so you can figure it out!

Plus you’ll get ideas for how to bring that word into your everyday life.  I’ll walk you through a vision board and you’ll make a piece of jewelry to use as a Word of the Year Talisman to remind you of your word all year long.

Get it all right here:

Word of the Year Talisman Workshop

How Music Inspires Creativity [Part 1: Creativity Booster]

How Music Inspires Creativity

This is Part 1 of a 3 Part series to give you a bit of insight into how Rediscover Your Creativity & Make Jewelry eCourse works.

In the actual eCourse, you get all three parts in one week and you get many more projects, but for this I’ll be sharing a new part each week.  (These prompts are not from the eCourse itself, but it will give you an idea of what it’s like.)

Today is the creativity booster.

Part 2 will be jewelry skills lessons (coming out December 21, 2016.)

Part 3 will be a jewelry project (coming out December 28, 2016.)

Music as a Creativity Booster

Music as a creativity booster

Have you ever noticed that when a song you love comes on you feel more joy and energetic?

Well, music does more than just lifts your mood, it also can help with focus and boost your brain waves to increase your creativity.

There was a study in 1996 that proved when participants listened to Mozart, creativity soared.

Even if you don’t particularly like Mozart or classical music, music can really enhance your creative time. 

  • If you listen to music that is nostalgic it can take you back to memories that you may have forgotten.  You can use those memories as creative inspiration.
  • It can mark the start of your creative activity almost like a ritual.  You put on the music and then you get started.  You’re more focused on the activity.  Even if the music itself doesn’t work as inspiration, the act of putting on the music can inspire creativity.

Today’s Creativity Booster Activity:

Listen to some music and sketch while you do so.

I highly recommend listening to Mozart, but if you don’t enjoy classical music I suggest that you find some music that you love.  Maybe choose something from your younger years or if you need some holiday cheer, maybe choose some holiday music.

Then get out a sketchpad and see what happens.

In my case, I decided beforehand to sketch some jewelry pieces and that is exactly what I did.  However, you don’t have to sketch jewelry.  Something else may come up that you want to sketch.  This exercise is more about getting the creative juices flowing in general than about actually sketching jewelry.

Here’s a video about music and creativity and me sketching:

Sketching Jewelry Designs

Some special notes for sketching jewelry:

  • If you are new to jewelry making, it could be difficult for you to sketch jewelry because you don’t know a lot of techniques yet.  BUT… that could also be liberating because you can just sketch anything that comes to mind without thinking of how you’ll make it.  You can figure out the “how” later.  Just get your ideas down now.
  • If you think you cannot draw, it is okay!  I can’t draw either and I sketch jewelry all the time.  Simply draw it out as best you can and then make notes so you remember what you were trying to convey.  Label “chain” or “beads” or whatever you need to label to remember.
  • No one ever has to see your sketches.  I’m sharing my sketches to hopefully inspire you to be brave and give it a try.  (I do share my sketches in Inspired eCourse to inspire you to design your own jewelry and to show you my process.  But otherwise I don’t share my sketches with anyone.)
  • You might not make jewelry that looks like your drawing.  It’s a starting point.  You may discover what you envisioned is not going to work or you may come up with something you like even more.  You could abandon the idea altogether for something else entirely.  You have the idea in your sketchbook, so you’re not going to forget it.  You can come back to it anytime.

Now, get to it!  Find some music and get sketching!

If you want a new creativity booster, jewelry skills lessons and jewelry projects each week for 6 weeks, sign up for Rediscover Your Creativity & Make Jewelry.

It starts on January 2, 2017 and is a beautiful way to start the new year.

There are 21 jewelry projects in this eCourse and who knows how many you’ll be inspired to design yourself once you get the creativity boosters as inspiration and the jewelry skills lessons.

Learn more here:  Rediscover Your Creativity

Rediscover Your Creativity & Make Jewelry


Inspiration Book Series: Prompt 3

Inspiration Book Series

Want to feel more inspired and creative?

Want to find your inspiration?

My free Inspiration Book Series will help you!

Each week get a creatively inspiring prompt right here on my website.  Do the prompt in your Inspiration Book and feel more inspired!

For an introduction to the Inspiration Book Series, check out the Inspiration Book Introduction.

For all of the Inspiration Book Series prompts, click here.

Prompt 3:  Go for a Walk

Watch the video:

Prompt 3 is about going for a walk and paying attention to what you find.  And I’m talking about physical things you find on the ground.  It may be feathers, twigs and rocks or things like zipper pulls that fell off someone’s clothes.

Inspiration Book Series Prompt 3


  • Go for a walk.  This can be in your town or out in the country or even just around your own backyard.  Keep your eyes open for interesting things you find along the way.  I find a ton of feathers when I’m walking, but I also find twigs and random bits like zipper pulls, which I collect.
  • Pick one thing and stick it in your album.  (If it’s too big and won’t fit, then draw it!)
  • Draw the item different ways on the page.
  • Repeat as much as you like!

I know that most of you are jewelry makers, so drawing isn’t necessarily your strong suit.  Just give it a try!


Think about the shapes of the items.  Is there anything that is inspiring for your next jewelry piece?

If you have ideas, sketch them in your Inspiration Book!

I use my Inspiration Book to help inspire my creativity in jewelry making.  If you want to learn how to make wire wrapped jewelry, get my FREE Intro to Wire Wrapping eCourse.  You’ll learn everything you need to know to start making wire jewelry and you’ll even get a few simple jewelry projects!

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