Are you on the wrong road or the fun road?

Are you on the wrong road or the fun road?

They can be the exact same road.  🙂

This weekend I went out to dinner with my parents and their friends.  We piled in their car and headed out.  My parents have a river property that’s almost in the middle of nowhere and we were headed to a restaurant that was about 30 minutes from almost the middle of nowhere.

Along the way we saw a detour sign and turned off the road onto a smaller road.

At first mostly everyone was frustrated and complaining about the detour.  The roads are few and far between and who knew how long it would take to get to the restaurant.

But I’m an eternal optimist and I love car drives and adventure.  The road was beautiful and my dad got to show me where the rail trail that he rides on is.  I was loving every second of the detour.

I shared that with the group and slowly the mood of the car turned around.  I said, “I would go on this trip on purpose!”

Once we changed our perception it became a fun adventure instead of a long, out of the way ride.

As part of the detour we even drove our car on the actual bike trail trail, which was so much fun!  When will we ever get to do that again?

Are you on the wrong road or the fun road?

It’s all about perception!

You can be on a beautiful windy country road detour and be upset about it; OR you can enjoy the ride.  Either way it’s the same road and the same amount of time.  One is just more enjoyable than the other!

As it turns out, we didn’t even need to take the detour!  We got confused by the sign and turned even though we didn’t need to.  We took a really long ride for no reason.  And we didn’t get to go to the restaurant we had planned.  We did get to try out a new restaurant that was fabulous.  And we got to go on an adventure.  I have absolutely no regrets about the ride at all!

You can apply this to anything in your life!

  • Identify what’s stressing, worrying, frustrating or annoying you.
  • Can you flip your perception on it so it’s more positive?  Even if it’s something that seems like it has a flip side that couldn’t be positive, try to come up with one even if it’s just funny.
  • Enjoy the ride.  You can be unhappy and miserable or your can be happy and think of it as an adventure and it’s still the same road (or life!)

You may have every reason to be frustrated or angry or annoyed.  I am not trying to undermine that.  But you can choose to put whatever positive spin on it that you can!

When I’m upset or feeling frustrated or angry, the best way I know how to deal with it is to do something creative!

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Inspiration from Waterfalls (Wire Wrapped Rock Pendant)

Inspiration from Waterfalls

Let’s just take a moment to enjoy the sights and sounds of the Mill Creek Waterfall:

I feel better already, don’t you?

Inspiration from waterfalls

Last week was nature week in Rediscover Your Creativity & Make Jewelry eCourse and I also went out into nature for some recharging and inspiration.

Being in nature is one of my most favorite things and waterfalls are my favorite thing in nature.  This particular waterfall is one of my favorite spots.

I’ve been spending a lot of time in front of the computer lately editing videos and blogposts and while I love my work, sometimes I just need to get out.

Inspiration from waterfalls

There is something so calming and so grounding about being surrounded by trees watching and listening to a waterfall.

Inspiration from waterfalls

I love the way the sunlight filters in through the trees.  It’s so beautiful.

While we were there I picked up some rocks.  The rocks at this particular spot have a shiny metallic look to them, which makes them really unique and lovely.

And, of course, I made a necklace when I got home!

Waterfall Rock Necklace

I love the simplicity of it.  I teach this wire wrapping technique in Week #1 of Rediscover Your Creativity & Make Jewelry eCourse.

And you can learn how to wire wrap the ends of the cords in ECT TV Episode 65.

Waterfall Rock Necklace

I love that I have a physical reminder of one of my favorite places.  This has basically been the only necklace I’ve been wearing since I made it.

Have you been on a nature adventure lately?  What is your favorite nature spot?

The Magic of Setting Intentions

The Magic of Setting Intentions

Setting intentions can really have magical effects.

I have a very poignant example from my own life right now.

In recent years I have really dreaded Christmas.  Christmas lost all of the magic and cheer for me for a variety of reasons and a combination of factors.

I used to love Christmas.  As a child my mother decked out our house with tons of decorations.  It was a magical time with lots of lights and family around.

Even as I got older Christmas was magical for me.  In my first place on my own I followed in my mom’s footsteps by decorating even inch possible with Christmas lights, garland, snowmen, etc.  I baked Christmas cookies and loved choosing presents.

In recent years I have not joyfully done any of it.  I have been very bah humbug.

Several months ago I decided I wanted to have a Christmas full of JOY & CHEER again.  I started listing out all the things I wanted to do that we haven’t done.  I got my Christmas decorations that were in storage at my parent’s house.

Then as we got closer to the holidays, I made lists and started planning.  Two things were super helpful with this.

1.  Holiday Sanity with Tara Swiger.  She doesn’t do this as its own class, but it is available in her Starship membership.  To be honest, I didn’t even complete the entire class, but just getting absolutely everything down I wanted to do from Thanksgiving and through the entire holiday season and then organizing it was very helpful.


2.  Shimelle’s Journal Your Christmas.  I took a class with her in September and knew without a doubt I wanted to take this one as well.   On the first page of your album or journal (you can do a journal or scrapbook or however you like, but I’m making a mini scrapbook), you write a manifesto.  If you’re familiar with Ali Edward‘s December Daily, she calls it an intentions page.

I wrote my intentions for the holdiays.  In big red letters on the top I wrote “JOY & CHEER.”

And almost like magic it’s working!

The day after Thanksgiving I pulled out my artificial tree and all the decorations and we decorated the tree.  I’ve been more decorations and making some as well.  I’ve been keeping up with Journal Your Christmas and daily recording what we’re doing in photos and journaling.

We also went to a fun Christmas event the day after Christmas with my parents who were visiting and that really set the tone.  We’ve gone to see some really amazing Christmas lights.  We went to our town’s Christmas tree lighting.  I’ve taken photos of most the store window displays in my town.

Usually, I would have just ignored most of this.  Yes, we usually do go check out Christmas lights and do some other events, but this year I’m actively seeking out holiday activities and putting them on the calendar.

Without setting an intention, I would have no focus.  I wouldn’t be actively trying to find the JOY & CHEER in Christmas.

And even better yet?

I see it rubbing off on my husband.  He’s actively looking for holiday activities and (more importantly) having a lot of fun doing these activities.

This doesn’t just apply to the holidays.

For anything you want to do you can set an intention.  If you’re about to take an eCourse, you can decide exactly what you want to get out of before you start.  When you’re planning your week, you can decide how you would like to feel and what are the most important things you would like to accomplish.

You’ll still do everything else.  I’m still doing dishes and cleaning the house and doing all those other mundane activities you have to do, but I’m looking for those moments of JOY & CHEER, too.

And I’m also recording them, which I think is a big part of it as well.  You could do this just by jotting things down in a notebook or if it’s something like finding more JOY in the holidays, you could take photos of what’s bringing you joy and keep a photo album or create a scrapbook.

Say, for example, you want to feel more productive in your day, you might jot down things you’ve accomplished as you accomplish them throughout the day.  If you want to feel more peaceful, maybe you could keep a list of moments when you felt peaceful during the day or what you were doing when you felt peaceful.

Setting an intention is magical.

What is your intention for your day today?

If you are a student in one of my upcoming eCourses Rediscover Your Creativity & Make Jewelry or Inspired (or if you got the bundle), what are your intentions for the eCourse?  What did you hope to get out of it when you signed up?

I would love to hear your intentions for either eCourse if you’re taking them, your intentions for the holiday season or your intention for anything you have coming up.  Leave a reply below or email me with your intention!



My Week in the Life Mini Album

Week in the Life

I know you probably think of me as a jewelry designer and teacher, but I also have other creative things I like to do.  So I’ve been sharing things like my art journal and nature journal here on Fridays.

A couple of weeks ago I shared how I was preparing my Week In The Life mini album.  Well, a couple of weeks later, I have the completed mini album…but it’s quite different than how I started.

Here’s a video that I show you some of the details of the album and give you some tips if you want to make your own album:

Originally, I thought I was going to use this little 4″ x 6″ album.

Week in the Life Mini Album

I got it all ready and added in some extra pages for more journaling.  As I went through my week I kept the album with me (it was easy because it was so small) and made notes about what we were doing and things like that.

When the week was over, I realized I had a lot more photos than would fit in this album.  (I took photos all week, but had them printed when the week was over.)

So I either had to cut out a lot of photos or come up with another plan.  I decided to keep all the photos because it’s not often that I such a detailed record of a week in my life.  (In fact, I’ve never done that before!)

Week in the Life

I came up with this mini album that I put together myself.  I used rings on the side and just punched holes in the photos to match the holes that were already punched in the pages from the original album.  I created a front and back cover, added a tie and was done.

Week in the Life

For the covers, I used 2 4″ x 6″ Project Life cards adhered together for each cover.  I glued the lace in between the two cards so I could tie the album closed.

Week in the Life

For the photos, I organized the order and separated by day and then adhered backs together so that when you flip through you don’t see the back of the photos. (Do the adhering first before punching holes so you make sure to get everything going the right way.)

Each day has journaling cards with all the details of the day, ephemera from the day and then the photos.

Week in the Life

I love how the album turned out and now I still have the original album to use for something else.

My Week In The Life Mini Album

Hopefully this has inspired you to try something new!  Maybe you don’t want to make an actual album, but it could still be fun to document a week or even just a day in your life.  I thought my life wasn’t that exciting, but even just a week or so afterwards when my husband and I were looking at the album we couldn’t believe all the stuff we actually did do.

You Never Know What You Might Find in Your Own Backyard (Adventures in Nature!)

Adventures in NatureI have lived in the same town for a few years now.  I thought I knew what there was to know.  There’s a great park very close.  And I even found a cute little garden that is open to the public and relatively private.  There are some paths near the little creek that runs through.

On the way out of town there’s a little area called the Riparian Park.  I had noticed it before, but hadn’t paid too much attention to it.  It didn’t really look that exciting to be honest.  I love to be in nature, but for some reason this area didn’t seem (from the road) to be much more than a little spot by the creek.

Warwick Riparian ParkUntil one day we parked and check it out.

It is beautiful.  There’s a little trail, picnic tables.  This spring with lots of trees.  It’s not that far from the road, but when you get down next to the stream you don’t even notice.

NatureThere is a wetland preserve there, too, with a pond and lots of bullfrogs.

All of this is just minutes from our home.  In fact, I could walk there (if I were in the mood for a nice long walk.)

I had driven by this park lots of times without stopping to check it out and now it’s one of my most favorite places to be.

NatureSo what are you missing right in your own backyard?

Get out and look.  See an interesting park you usually pass by?  Stop and check it out.

A cute shop you’ve never been in?  Check out it.  You never know what may inspire you.

Take a walk around your neighborhood and just observe things you never noticed before.  There might be architecture you missed or a beautiful tree.

Lately I have been finding things like this all the time.  Just this morning I was walking down a sidewalk I walk by probably every single day and noticed how beautiful the flowers were.  I hadn’t noticed them in all the days prior.

There are so many things right in your own backyard that you might have missed.  Try to find something new each day!


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