How to Use Your Mixed Media Quote Cards for Inspiration

Using Quote Cards

Last week, I showed you how to make these fun Mixed Media Quote Cards.

Today I wanted to share how you can use them for inspiration – even for inspiration for your jewelry making!

Mixed Media Quote Card

I started with this quote card.  (To learn how to make your own, click here.)

I love this quote because sometimes you need a restart.  Sometimes even within a day I just need to take a moment to reset and start again.  (Not always from scratch, but just to reset myself or my mood.)

Ways to use Mixed Media Quote Cards for even more inspiration:


Use as a prompt in your art journal.

Art Journal Page from Mixed Media Quote Card Inspiration

I used the quote and then created an art journal layout with the quote in mind.

The technique I used is quite similar to the technique I used to make the quote cards.  (See the video tutorial here.)

My technique:

  1. Watercolor all over as the first, background layer.
  2. Stamping lightly. (I used a flower and butterfly and used them sparingly.)
  3. I did a little floral sketch.  (I learned how to do this type of sketching from this book – Florabunda Basics – that I highly recommend.  *Affiliate link*)
  4. Then a collaged different ephemera – old text, map, scrapbook paper, a photo and wrote the quote on an old library card catalog card.


Use as a writing prompt in your journal.  Just write out all your thoughts and feelings about the quote.

You could pull a card each day in the morning and just free write about it.


Use the card itself as inspiration for a jewelry design.  (Or use an art journal page you created from it as inspiration.)

Pendant from Art Journal Inspiration

Pendant from Mixed Media Art Quote Card Inspiration

I actually used the art journal page I created as inspiration for a jewelry piece, but you could use the Mixed Media Quote Card itself.

This is something I go into in detail in my Jewelry Design Workshop, but in general look at your inspiration (the card or art journal page) and think about colors and themes and how you could translate that into a piece of jewelry.

I pulled the turquoise color from the page, as well as the feather that was a theme in the art journal page.


You could simply pull the card and think about it or even meditate on the quote.

I hope you are inspired to use your quote cards!

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Jewelry Design Workshop

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Then we’ll move onto actually sketching our design ideas and choosing designs for a collection. Finally, I’ll share tips for finalizing your jewelry designs and troubleshooting when a design does not seem to be quite working.

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Circles Necklace from Art Journal Inspiration

Circles Necklace from Art Journal Inspiration

A couple of days ago I shared my latest art journal page and shared about being inspired by materials.

Creative Inspiration: Materials

This is the necklace that was inspired by this art journal page:

Circles Necklace from Art Journal Inspiration

I studied the art journal page and just let all the colors and shapes sink in and this necklace came out.

In Inspired eCourse, I show you a step-by-step process for taking inspiration from the art journal pages that we make from prompts in the eCourse.

However, for this necklace I didn’t use that process specifically.

I had every intention of using the process, but instead the idea came to me in a state of sleepiness.  I saw the bottom part with the wires loosely wrapped around the stone.

The rest of it came to me more on the spot as I pulled out materials and thought about what direction the necklace would take beyond that loosely wrapped stone.

Circles Necklace from Art Journal Inspiration

I used colors from the page, which is part of the process I teach in Inspired eCourse.

I’m pretty crazy about the color combination in the necklace.  It’s something I would probably have not tried together had I not had a similar color combination in the art journal page.

Circles Necklace from Art Journal Inspiration

It’s interesting where inspiration can come from. 

I made the art journal page (inspired by materials), then made the necklace (inspired by a sleepy idea and the art journal page) and now this necklace has inspired me to sketch out a bunch of other ideas..

Where your inspiration take you?

Inspired eCourse

Need a little more inspiration for your jewelry designs?

Check out my Inspired eCourse!

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Soar: Art Journal Inspiration to Inspired Jewelry Piece

Soar:  Art Journal Inspiration to Inspired Jewelry Piece

Last week I shared my art journal pages so far in my new art journal this year.

This page, “Soar,” is one of those pages.  In that blogpost I also shared my layering technique for each of the pages and what materials I used to create each page.

Soar:  Art Journal Inspiration to Inspired Jewelry Piece

Today I wanted to share a jewelry piece that was inspired by that art journal page.

Soar:  Art Journal Page to Inspired Jewelry Piece

How I went from art journal page to jewelry

When I use an art journal page as inspiration for a jewelry piece, I have a process that I call “mapping.”

I look at the page and look for themes, colors, shapes and textures that I can pull out of the page.  Then I think of techniques I can use to translate those ideas into jewelry pieces.

Then I sketch jewelry ideas and choose which idea I want to pursue.  (And, of course, save the other sketches for another time.)

Soar:  Art Journal Page to Inspired Jewelry Piece

For this piece, I choose blue because it was very prominent in the art journal page.

The quote that is the most important to me on the page is, “Not only could she fly, she could SOAR.”  And the page has a lot of birds on the page as well. So I choose feathers as a symbol of flying – and soaring.  I added a bird to the clasp that I made myself as well.

Materials I used for this piece:

  • Recycled sea glass beads in a gorgeous blue color that I made into wire wrapped bead links and connected with jump rings.
  • Feather charms.  The charms had a hole on each side and they actually came in a chain that I took apart so I could use my own jump rings
  • Jump rings that I made myself.
  • Chain.
  • Clasp that I made.  It’s a hook clasp and the other side is a wire wrapped bead link made with a little bird bead.

Soar:  Art Journal Page to Inspired Jewelry Piece

The result is this lovely necklace that isn’t just beautiful, but it’s really meaningful and inspiring to me.  When I wear it I remember to not only fly, but to soar.

I often take inspiration from my art journal pages to create jewelry pieces.  I love the process so much that I created an entire eCourse around it called Inspired eCourse.

In Inspired eCourse, I give you creativity prompts and art journal prompts to create your own art journal pages and then take you step-by-step through the process of how to get inspiration from your art journal page and map out and sketch jewelry design ideas.

Inspired eCourse

In the class there is a jewelry project each week.  Students typically create their own jewelry designs and complete them each week, but I provide the jewelry tutorial as inspiration and instruction for perhaps new techniques that you don’t already know or to give you ideas for your own piece.

If you’re new to art journals, Inspired eCourse’s introduction is an introduction to art journaling.  And even if you’re not new, you may learn some fun new ideas and techniques.

After the intro there’s 4 weeks of class with each week having art journal and creativity prompts, creating art journal pages, pulling out inspiration from art journal pages and making jewelry.

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Inspired eCourse


My Process: Inspiration to Finished Piece

My Process

I get asked about how I’m inspired to create jewelry pieces, so I made a video to show you!

In this video I’ll show you how I went from inspiration to finished piece including a change I made along the way.

Watch the video:

Here is the art journal page I made that was the inspiration for the jewelry piece:

Summer Haiku Art Journal Page

For the step-by-step tutorial video on how to make the anklet, click here.

We dig deeply into this process in my Inspired eCourse.  Inspired eCourse is an art journal/jewelry making class.

First I give you creativity prompts and art journal prompts.

Then I show you how to take inspiration from your art journal pages to make a map to design jewelry pieces.

Then I show you sketching designs.

Finally, we make jewelry pieces.  (Each week there is a jewelry project that I show you how to make step-by-step.  You can use it as inspiration or a jumping off point for your own designs or make it exactly how I show you step-by-step.)

It’s full of fun and inspiration.

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Inspired eCourse

Jewelry Inspired by Art Journal Page: Bloom Where You Are Planted

Bloom Where You Are Planted Art Journal Page and Jewelry

Last week I shared an art journal prompt and my page from it.  The prompt was to choose a quote and make an art journal page from it.

Bloom Where You Are Planted Art Journal Page and Jewelry

I used that art journal page as inspiration to make a necklace.

Bloom Where You Are Planted Art Journal Page and Jewelry

In Inspired eCourse we dig deeply into how to pull inspiration out of your art journal pages and use that inspiration for jewelry making.

This necklace didn’t turn out at all how I was planning to begin with, but I do love it just the same.

Originally I was envisioning the beads all cascading down from a central floral piece that would be the center piece of the necklace.  I didn’t have a floral piece for the center. I thought I did, but I didn’t.  I had used it on another piece of jewelry and forgot.  I tried some other options, but none of them really worked out.

Then I considered what I most wanted in this necklace and what I loved the most were the gemstone beads.  I loved the irregularity of them and I loved the colors.

So I chose to do a simpler concept.  Simple almost always works out better in the long run.

Bloom Where You Are Planted Art Journal Page and Jewelry

I got the original idea of the beads cascading down from the art journal page where the flowers are growing up the left side.  And you can see the obvious color inspiration from the art journal page in the color of the gemstone beads.

Often things change while we’re making jewelry.  Maybe you’re missing a component (like I was in this case) or maybe what it’s just not working out the way you envisioned it.  You often have to be flexible and willing to change your idea.  You will oftentimes end up with something you love even more!

I’ll keep the original idea in the back of my head for when I find the perfect center piece to use in the necklace. But for now, I love this necklace and it’s beautiful colors and gemstones.

Bloom Where You Are Planted Art Journal Page and Jewelry

To make this necklace:

I used the interlocking wire wrapped bead link technique found here.

The only other skill you need is opening and closing jump rings.

Choose your gemstones and have fun!  The only thing that takes a little trial and error is if you use gemstones that are not the same size (my purple stones were larger than the pink and green). If that’s the case you may have to experiment to get the strands to lay just perfectly.

Inspired eCourse

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