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Business Plan Scrapbook eWorkshopThe Business Plan Scrapbook is an online, self-guided eWorkshop for crafty/creative small business owners who want to plan their business in a fun way.

On the surface?  It’s about planning your business in a fun way.

But really?  It’s about imbedding your goals not only in a beautiful form that you’ll want to use, but also getting super clear on your goals so you can actively work on them.

By the end of the workshop you’ll:

  • Be clear on your business – what it is, who you serve and where it’s going.
  • Know how to make a beautiful scrapbook with hard covers.
  • Put your new clarity and scrapbook making skills together to form a great book you will be excited to refer back to!

And best of all, you’ll have a gorgeous business tool that you’ll refer to and add to throughout the year.

Ready?  Grab some paper bags and let’s do this!

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Business Plan Scrapbook eWorkshopWhat’s an eWorkshop?

When you purchase the workshop, you’ll instantly have access to download a PDF that has all the information you need.

The workshop is on my website on a private/password protected page and contains videos and worksheets.  The worksheets will take you through the business plan itself.  You’ll get clear on your business and figure out the sections of your business plan.

(This is a unique paper bag scrapbook - not your normal poke some holes in the side and tie it together!  See photo above for an example of what we’re making.)

You can work at your own pace and in your own time.

If you have any questions, you can email me at any time for help!

  • Business Plan Scrapbook eWorkshopHow to write an informal business plan.
  • How to make a unique paper bag scrapbook.
  • How to transform your business plan into a scrapbook.

You’ll get:

  • Worksheets in PDF form.
  • Access to a private, password protected webpage with everything for the workshop that you can access at any time and keep coming back to!
  • Video tutorials on how to make a paper bag scrapbook.
  • Video tutorials on how to transform your business plan into a scrapbook.
  • Access to me via email at anytime.
  • Links to all my scrapbook embellishment tutorials in one place!

To get started, click on “Add to Cart” and purchase for just $12!  You’ll receive a PDF with everything you need to make this creative business plan and get clarity on your business!

NEW LOW PRICE!!!  Just $12!!

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Business Plan Scrapbook eWorkshopI know this is something that will help you and your business.  Getting clear and focused is an important step for your business.  If you’re just starting, this is a great way to get started.  If you’ve been at for a while, but haven’t really gotten to writing a business plan, this will help you!

Business Plan Scrapbook eWorkshopTo get creative clarity on your business, click “Add to Cart” to purchase for instant access.  You’ll receive a PDF with all the instructions PLUS access to a password protected webpage with everything you need to create your Business Plan Scrapbook!

Click Add to Cart to get started for just $12!

(It says “pay with paypal” but you don’t have to use paypal.  You can just put in a credit/debit card!)

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Remember, you’ll get a PDF with worksheets to create your own business plan and video tutorials to make a unique paper bag scrapbook.  Plus email access to me if you have questions along the way!

Clarity and focus are the most important things for your business.  Click “Add to Cart” to get started immediately for $12! 

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