Project Jewelry: Challenge 4 (April)

Project Jewelry

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This month has been very hectic so far, and Project Jewelry is behind because of it.  I’m so sorry about that!

Since we only have a week and a half left, this month’s challenge will be:  FREESTYLE.

Make any 2 pieces of jewelry that you like!

The Challenge:

Make 2 jewelry pieces.  Make any combination of necklace, bracelet, earrings, ring, brooch, anklet or other jewelry piece.  They can be a set or they do not have to be.

When you’re done, take a photo and upload to your blog, flickr, etc. and then add your link below.   (Click on the Mr. Linky link and follow the instructions.)  Or, if you don’t have a blog, etc. just email me your photo for the challenge:

Prize:  I will chose a winner on May1st (also when the next challenge will be presented).

NEW THIS MONTH:  Everybody who participates will receive a free tutorial from me!  After you submit your pieces, send an email with “Project Jewelry” in the subject to and I’ll send you the freebie.

This month’s freebie will be:

Tassel Earrings TutorialTassel Earrings Tutorial

I can’t wait to see what you come up with!  Remember, the challenge ends on April 30th and a new challenge will be posted May 1st!

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