Project Jewelry: Challenge 3 Results

Project Jewelry

Nature Inspriation

The beginning of this month was pretty hectic for me.  A lot of things slipped by the wayside.  So, unfortunately so did Project Jewelry.

Better late than never, though, right?

March’s Challenge was to use nature as an inspiration.  More details about Project Jewelry:  Challenge 3 (March) here.

For more information about Project Jewelry itself, click here.

For my pieces, I took the challenge literally.  I have made a couple of pieces of jewelry previously from natural elements, so I was happy to take this opportunity to make another piece from a natural element.

Natural Jewelry

Nature Inspired Necklace

The main portion is a twig I found during a nature walk.  Then I added the natural stone beads to it.

Then I made simple earrings and a ring to go with the necklace with the same beads.

Natural Jewelry

Natural Jewelry

I had an email entry from Judy Larson.  Here are her pieces and what she had to say about them:

Earth, Wind and Fire

After deciding on a theme, it was not difficult to come up with things that said “nature” to me.  Unfortunately, I could not decide on only one, so you get to see all of them.

EARTH:  This Native American inspired fetish necklace, Animals of the Earth, uses heshi and nugget turquoise beads with carved natural gemstone animals.

Judy Larson

WIND:  The sodalite rock in this necklace, Windswept, is held in a tension setting and hangs on hammered silver wire that is embellished with sodalite and silver beads.

Judy Larson

FIRE:  The agate pendant in the necklace, Treasure, is embellished with a Japanese coin and hangs from a necklace made of red agate nugget beads.   Sponge coral graduated rounds, discs and ovals are used in the set Simplicity.

Judy Larson

Judy Larson

So the winner is Judy!

April’s challenge will be up momentarily, with some fun changes!  (EVERYONE who participates will get a freebie each month!)

Don’t be shy!

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