Free Gift from Artella: Peace By Piece: Collage Your Way to Inner Peace and Harmony

Download a FREE copy of the Artella eBook, Peace by Piece: Collage Your Way to Inner Peace and Harmony. This workbook guides you through several collage projects, each one designed to bring you closer to your true self and your powerful ability for manifesting your dreams and desires. Download your copy here!



Artella has been around awhile, but I just recently found the website (through a series of web surfing clicks that I couldn’t begin to remember.)  What I found was a magical creative wonderland!

I have since been on webinars with the owner and every single time I come away with a new perspective in my life or a solution for a problem.

This freebie is actually something you can purchase on her site, but you get it for FREE.  I grabbed it and started working on it right away.


I had an idea how my collage would turn out before I started collaging.  I was wrong.  Different things came out than I expected.

And really, that’s the beauty of the exercise.  (And there are 4 exercises included!)


Give Artella a try with this free gift.  Click above to get it!  And sign up for the Artella Gram, which also includes valuable freebies!

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