How to Write Your Business Plan and Use It, Too

Business Plan Scrapbook

I’ve been in business for a number of years.  It really started out as a hobby.  I sold my bath and body products and jewelry on eBay.  It was fun and I was happy with the extra money.

Then I started treating it more like a business with things like business cards and marketing.  (I was always meticulous about record keeping, luckily.)

Then I realized that I should write a business plan.  I wrote it, print it and put it away never to look at it again.

Every once in a while I would look at it and make adjustments.  Then put it away again.

Then one year I had the idea to make it into a scrapbook.  Each page I made a different sections.  I made a paper bag scrapbook, so there were plenty of pockets to put stuff in.

And the best part?  I actually USED my business plan.  I looked at it frequently and used it.

And really, a business plan should be a useful and valuable asset for your business.  You take the time to think about your business and really flesh it out, why would you want to put it away and not use it again.

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I have a great eWorkshop to teach you how to make a great Business Plan Scrapbook, which includes worksheets to help you write your business plan and then videos to show you how to make the scrapbook itself.

Even if you don’t want to make a business plan scrapbook, try making a business plan that you will want to use.

(Note:  If you are writing a business plan for bank loans or government grants, you really should follow their format, not a scrapbook!)

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