Business Basics For Beginners Sunday Tip: Social Media Checklists

Business Basics For Beginners

Social Media Checklists

In Business Basics For Beginners, I teach you how to get started with a creative business.  I also teach you how to start a facebook page, twitter, pinterest and get started blogging.

How on earth can you keep up with all of that?

Some weeks I do better than others.  It definitely can be overwhelming to do all of that plus make your products and get them listed for sale.

However, I have come up with a system to keep track of my social media efforts.

I created weekly Social Media Checklists.  Here’s how I did it.

1.  I decided what kinds of things I want to share each week.  For me this included what topics I would write about on my blog, what kinds of information I would share on my facebook page (and twitter because I have my page connected with my twitter feed) and pinterest.

For me this includes tutorials, creativity prompts and ideas, inspiration, inspiring quotes, my tutorials for sale, and other things.

2.  I created a weekly chart.  I have decided to post a few times a day (it may be more or less for you.) So I decided which type of thing I would post each day and I what time.

3.  Each week I print the chart and then jot in ideas for each update.

4.  On facebook and twitter you can schedule posts.  You can use tweetdeck or hootsuite to do this.  Or (this is what I do) you can schedule updates directly on your facebook page.  Like I mentioned, I have my facebook page linked up to my twitter feed, so that covers my twitter feed, too.

5.  Then I try to schedule as many of my updates as I can at a time.  I try to at least do a few days ahead so I don’t have to worry about it.  Sometimes that’s not possible because blog posts take a lot more time than a simple facebook update, but I try my best most weeks.

6.  At least once a day I check in with facebook and twitter to see who has commented or tweeted me.  Even though you’re scheduling your posts, social media is actually SOCIAL, so you definitely need to interact and check in.

7.  You can’t schedule pins, so I also check in most days at Pinterest to pin, repin and comment on pins.

Doing like tasks at one time saves you time because it takes time when you transition from one task to the next.

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