Project Jewelry: Challenge 2 Results

Project Jewelry

Today we’re bringing Project Jewelry:  Challenge 2 (February) to a close.

I know that a lot of you are watching and playing along without submitting photos.  That is wonderful!  I know that maybe you’re shy and worried about sharing because you’ve just started making jewelry, or don’t want to be judged.  However, don’t worry about that.  No one is here to judge you.

Even if you just want to email me your photos and don’t want me to share them, please do that!

This month’s challenge was to either head to a thrift store or consignment shop and find some jewelry to rework, or to remake a piece of jewelry that you’ve had.

I went to a local thrift shop and picked up these earrings and this bracelet:

Project Jewelry Challenge 2

I saw the earrings right away and knew I had to have them.  I didn’t like them whatsoever as is.  However, they were made with chandelier crystals, which I love to work with.  I knew I could easily take them apart and make something new with them.

The bracelet I wasn’t 100% sure about, but I got it anyway because it had some cute charms on it.  (I didn’t end up using the charms for this project) and I knew I can always use black and white beads.

I decided to make earrings and a bracelet for this month’s challenge.  I used elements of each piece from the thrift store in each piece I made:

Project Jewelry Challenge 2

Project Jewelry Challenge 2

Project Jewelry Challenge 2

Judy emailed in her entry (which, again, I encourage you to do if you don’t have a website.)

Here is what she started with:

Project Jewelry Challenge 2

And here is the gorgeous piece she created:

Project Jewelry Challenge 2Here’s what Judy had to say about it:

Spring Is In The Air

The two thrift stores in the small community where I live had no jewelry when I went looking at the beginning of February.  So that meant looking through my stash of jewelry and parts that I have collected over the years.

I started with a necklace my aunt gave to me many years ago.  I never wore it-not my style-but it was too precious to me to get rid of it.    I am thrilled with the challenge this month because I finally came up with a way to remake it into several pieces.  I also used parts from a necklace I inherited from my mother, a cabochon that has been sitting in my collection for years, bead caps from two fiber necklaces from the 1970’s and a leaf I made last year but had yet to use in a project.  The small silver beads were from a bunch of earrings I picked up at a garage sale several years ago.  The only thing I had to add was wire, three purple jade beads for the bead cap flowers and two purple kiwi beads for the earrings.

Thank you Kimberlie for the push to do this.

(You’re welcome, Judy!)

Karen emailed me with some technical difficulties.  I don’t have photos to share because of the technical difficulties, but since she emailed me, I’ve entered her in the giveaway drawing, too!

Karen told me she went to her local thrift store and found a necklace with really pretty beads and remade it into earrings and a revamped necklace.  (Maybe she’ll get her technical difficulties resolved and email me photos when she can?)


And the winner is …



I just want to reiterate, please don’t be shy!  Link up or send me your photos.  If you can’t send photos, email me and let me know what you’re making!  🙂

Project Jewelry Challenge 3 is on the way!

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