Project Jewelry: Challenge 2 (February)

Project Jewelry

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One of my favorite ways to get supplies is to go through consignment and thrift stores and pick up old jewelry.  Flea markets and yard sales (or they’re called tag sales some places) are great places to get inexpensive jewelry, too.  Sometimes the jewelry is obnoxious and gaudy, but the beads or components are actually really cool or pretty.  Maybe you even have an old necklace that you hate but could use the components to make something awesome.

The Challenge:  Head to your local thrift or consignment store and find a piece of jewelry that doesn’t work as it is, but has promising components.  Remake that jewelry into something new.  You could also use jewelry you have that you want to remake (or ask your mother or grandmother….they might have jewelry that you could use for this challenge.  When I was a kid I had an elderly friend who had so much costume jewelry that she was glad to give me to use in my designs.)

Make 2 jewelry pieces.  Make any combination of necklace, bracelet, earrings, ring, brooch, anklet or other jewelry piece.  They can be a set or they do not have to be.

When you’re done, take a photo and upload to your blog, flickr, etc. and then add your link below.   (Click on the Mr. Linky link and follow the instructions.)  Or, if you don’t have a blog, etc. just email me your photo for the challenge:

Prize:  I will chose a winner on March 1st (also when the next challenge will be presented).  This month’s winner will get a PDF of my very popular Altered Art Jewelry Digital Workshop.

Special Note:  This is a no judgment zone.  If you are just starting, please feel free to join in, even if it’s your first attempt!  Everyone has different tastes and skills levels.  Even though I’m picking a winner, I might just end up choosing a random entry at the end.

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