Project Jewelry: Challenge 1 Results

Project Jewelry

Today we’re bringing Challenge 1 to a close.  If you didn’t finish Challenge 1 and you still want to participate, please still do it!  You can even email me photos or even add a link to the Challenge 1 post.  (You won’t be eligible for the prize, but don’t let that stop you from being creative!!)

I want to show my jewelry from the challenge.

You’ll remember the challenge was to make a set of jewelry to wear to work or in your self-employment.  I wear a lot of black, white and gray during my part time day job, so I decided to make a black and white necklace, earrings and ring.  I know the challenge was for 2 pieces, but I made 3.

If you also follow my jewelry business you’ll know that I made a big announcement this week, and I have decided to focus on teaching instead of making jewelry to sell.  I have been making and wearing only the type of jewelry I sell for years.  I don’t typically make jewelry that is strung, so I decided to do that for this project.

Here’s what I made:

Project Jewelry Challenge 1

Project Jewelry Challenge 1

Project Jewelry Challenge 1

Project Jewelry Challenge 1

Here is an entry from Judy Larson and what she said about it:

Project Jewelry Challenge 1

This bracelet is a quick and easy project that you are sure to wear every day.  It is called a “Family Bracelet” because it has family birthstones in it.  On either end are my husband’s and my birthstones.  We have two children, so I put one on either end next to ours.  Then I put our wedding anniversary stone between them.  When our son got married, I restrung the bracelet and added our daughter-in-law’s birthstone next to his.  When they had their son, I put his birthstone between theirs.  Each 8mm gemstone bead is separated with end caps and daisy spacers.  The silver beads start with 7mm and grade down to 5mm with a 4.5mm crimp cover on the end.  Of course, you will need birthstone earrings to match.  But a simple pair of hoops and this bracelet  is what I usually wear.


When I first made this bracelet, I made it with silver-plated components.  I found that I wore it so often that the plating started wearing off.  That is when I realized it needed to be made in sterling silver.  It does not look different than the plated, but it will last forever.


Judy is the winner for Challenge 1

I know there are a lot of you checking in on the challenge, and maybe even doing the challenge.  Don’t be shy!  Share what you are making.  You can link up or just email me photos.  If you don’t want your photos on my blog, just tell me and I’ll keep them to myself.

I hope you’ll join us for Challenge 2!

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