Simple Guide to Creating a Traditional Scrapbook, Step #2


Read about Step #1 for the Simple Guide to Creating a Traditional Scrapbook here.

We have decided what we are going to scrapbook, pulled out the photographs and got them organized.

For me that meant going through hundreds of wedding and honeymoon photos and putting them in order, as well as other memorabilia from the wedding and my honeymoon.


Step #2

It’s always better to have all the supplies you need at one time so you can work on your scrapbook whenever you get a chance.  This week we’ll do the initial preparation for the actual scrapbooking of our memories.

  • Plan your pages.  Gather up your scrapbooking supplies and see what you have that fits in.  My wedding was green (as in eco-friendly, but my color was also green) and outdoors by a river.  So I’ll be looking for paper and embellishments that go along with that theme.
  • Make sure you have glue sticks, glue dots or whatever you will use to adhere your photos to your pages.
  • Make sure you have an actual album as well as page protectors for your pages.
  • In my case, I’m making an 8×8 album, so I’m going to cut scrapbook paper in the correct size.
  • Put everything together in one place.  If you don’t have a work area where you can keep everything together, try putting everything in a bin or a basket so that it’s ready when you have pockets of time.

Scrapbook Step 2

After you go through what you already have, you probably realized you needed to buy some things to supplement.  Take a trip to the store to find what you need.  I always suggest supporting local stores first.  If you don’t have a local scrapbook or craft store and plan to go to A.C. Moore, make sure to check their website for a coupon first!  (Go to and click on find local store.  From there you can find the weekly coupon.)

Good luck!  Next week the fun begins!!

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