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Jewelry Inspiration


When I’m selling my jewelry in person, I am often asked what my inspiration for a piece is.  At this point, it is an easy question to answer, but in my early jewelry-making days, it wasn’t so easy to answer.

When I started making jewelry and even for several years after, I never considered myself an artist.  I was making jewelry.  I was taking different elements and assembling them together to make a final piece.

It came naturally to me, so I didn’t think about what my inspiration was or how I chose a color, bead, style, etc. and I didn’t think of it as creating a piece of art.

More recently, (I couldn’t tell you exactly when this happened), I did start to think of myself as an artist.  There have been so many discussions and arguments about Art vs. Craft that I do not care to delve into.  It’s not about what the outside world labels me as anyway.  It’s about what I feel I am.  I am an artist.  I don’t necessarily think everyone who makes jewelry is an artist, but they could be!

To me, an artist is someone who is innovative, creative and creates a new design or art – or maybe a spin on someone else’s original design.  An artist creates unique, original work – whatever that work may be.  Artist come up with new solutions to problems.  Artists seek out and see inspiration everywhere.

I actually don’t think that we even need a definition of what artists are because we all are artists of one kind or another.

I think that if you use my tutorials you are an artist as well.  You’ll put your spin on what I have taught you and then you have your own piece of art.

Gleaning Inspiration for Jewelry Design

Inspiration is everywhere you look!  You can be inspired by colors in nature, the shapes of nature, a certain outfit that you need a necklace for, or a certain object or element that you want to use in a jewelry design.

Here Are 6 Ways I am Inspired When Designing Jewelry:

1. Colors in nature.

It almost always comes back to nature with me in one way or another.

If you see the colors together in nature, you can bet they will work together for a piece of jewelry as well.

2.  Shapes in nature.

The curve of a branch, a flowers petal, snow softly falling are just a few examples.  When you get stuck, get out into nature with a sketchpad or camera.

3.  I see a specific finding (something used to make jewelry) or bead and am inspired to create a piece around it.

4.  I find an object that is either so ordinary I want to make it special, or so beautiful that it begs to be made into jewelry and I create the jewelry around that.

bracelet REd set

For example, I often use hardware – an ordinary object, for sure.  On the other hand, when I saw the gorgeous red of the chandelier crystals I found recently, I knew instantly I would create jewelry out of the crystals.

5.  I have a new outfit that I want some new jewelry to match.  Do not discredit this as inspiration.  Necessity creates inspiration all the time!

6.  Someone else has an idea in mind but can’t create it.  I create from their vision at their request.  This is sort of a different kind of inspiration.

These are just a few of the multiple ways I am inspired by every single day!

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