Project Jewelry: Challenge 1 (January)

Project Jewelry

I have a day job and I wear the same jewelry almost every single day. My outfits have gotten a little more color in recent months, but I do tend toward black or gray quite often. I need some new jewelry to spice things up!

Challenge:  Create a set of jewelry to wear to your job. If you don’t have a j.o.b., then create a set that you would wear to meet a client if you’re self-employed, or to wear on the run if you are a mama.

Make 2 jewelry pieces.  Make any combination of necklace, bracelet, earrings, ring, brooch, anklet or other jewelry piece.  They can be a set or they do not have to be.

When you’re done, take a photo and upload to your blog, flickr, etc. and then add your link below.

Or, if you don’t have a blog, etc. just email me your photo for the challenge:

Prize:  I will chose a winner on February 1st (also when the next challenge will be presented).  This month’s winner will get a PDF of my How to Make Extraordinary Jewelry From Ordinary Objects (How to Make Hardware Jewelry).

CHANGED:  DEADLINE IS NOW FEBRUARY 1st at midnight EST.  I’ll choose a winner and announce a new challenge on February 2nd.

Special Note:  This is a no judgment zone.  If you are just starting, please feel free to join in, even if it’s your first attempt!  Everyone has different tastes and skills levels.  Even though I’m picking a winner, I might just end up choosing a random entry at the end.

Simple Stringing Tutorial

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Fill in your link below:

RESULTS for Challenge 1

Even though I have chosen a winner for Challenge 1, if you are finding this post after January, feel free to still do the challenge and email me your photo or pick up wherever we are!

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