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Reflection:  Result of meditation; thought or opinion after attentive consideration or contemplation; especially, thoughts suggested by truth.

The end of the year is always a reflective time of year for me.  Each day, week, month moves so quickly by that I can barely keep up, I like to take time each year to look back on the year that passed and then look forward and plan the future.

This past year so many beautiful things have happened in my life.  I don’t want to forget them or hurry past into the next year.

This past January I started the new year with Leonie Dawson’s Create Your Incredible Year Workbook, Planner and Calendar.  It’s a beautiful way to end one year and look forward to the next.

The absolutely beautiful thing about the planner is that even if you don’t keep a constant eye on what you wrote in the planner, those goals will start to magically come true anyway.  I reviewed it at 6 months and was amazed at the amount of things I completed in the first half of the year even though I hadn’t been purposefully checking in with it.

Just the sheer putting the previous year to rest and planning the next year’s goals had set the intention in motion.

This year Leonie has also written the Create Your Incredible Business  Year Workbook, Planner and Calendar.  Although I have printed and placed the workbooks and calendars in a binder, I haven’t actually started them yet.  I plan do so after Christmas because that feels like the right time for me.

To get a copy of both or either, click this link.  They are worth a lot more than what’s she’s selling them for!

(Also, get a fun offer if you purchase them through that link – see below for the details!)

To Do Lists:

I am a huge list-maker and planner.  I probably wouldn’t get anything done at all without my to do list.  If I didn’t have a place to write all the things that pop into my head that I want to do, I would freeze completely out of fear of forgetting everything.

I started out the year with a “To Do Book” (another lesson from Goddess Leonie!)  I loved the book and I could take it everywhere with me.  I found, however, that I eventually gravitated back to my type-written, saved to do list.

I have my list broken down into:  This week, This month, Next Month and Long-term.
I almost never get done with the “This Week” stuff; however, I usually get through a great deal of the “This Month” stuff.  Apparently, you can do less in a week then you think, but more in a month than you think.

I also have an “ideas” book and a notes book, because I’m always having ideas and I’m afraid I will forget them.  It’s great to have the ideas book to go through when I’m a little short on ideas.  Then I can really expand on them and make them into fully formed ideas instead of just random thoughts filtering through.

Morning Pages:

In October I started a Morning Pages practice, thanks to a prompt by Donna on the beach.  Julia Cameron explains this in her book, The Artist’s Way.  This is another way I get everything in my head out on paper so I can move on with my day.  It makes a significant difference.  I know because on the rare day that I miss doing my Morning Pages, I feel so very worse.  I feel jumbled and frustrated.  When I do the papers I feel like I am much more ready for the day.

Sometimes my morning pages are a time of reflection.  Sometimes they are just a jumbled up mess of confused sentences written down across the page.


Something that I have taken up this year is meditation.  I really prefer guided meditations, and have been mostly using Goddess Leonie’s meditations (I joined the goddess circle, so they’re all included in the membership.)

They are so very relaxing and give me time and room to breathe in my day.  They make me calmer and more reflective throughout my day, too.  There are a couple that have been almost life-changing for me.  Inner-mind life changing anyway.  Things I didn’t actually realize about my past – I never reflected upon – that came to the surface.  I could acknowledge and help heal from there.

(Seriously, join the goddess circle, you’ll love it.  For one price, you get access to all of Goddess Leonie Dawson’s amazing programs for an entire year for one low price!  This includes the Create Your Incredible Year Workbooks, eCourses, Mediations and kits!)


I have always viewed exercise as something I didn’t do, I didn’t want to do, or as something that was akin to torture.  This year I realized it wasn’t.  Okay, I have realized it before, but now it’s really cemented in.

Instead of making myself get up early, get all my gear on and go out into the cold, dark morning, I found a new way of exercise that’s inside and fun.  I still make myself get up early to do it and I’m not always that happy in the morning to get up at 5:30 am, I know when I do it my entire day is better.

While exercise itself isn’t necessarily a way to reflect, it does give you time to reflect.  There’s also something about the way that exercise makes you feel more together and on top of things and more cheerful that helps with reflection and mindset throughout your day as well.

Reflecting upon 2012:

I hope that you have time in the next couple of weeks to reflect upon 2012.  Either get Goddess Leonie’s books or try some of the other activities I described.

At the very least, try writing about the past year:  what you had hoped to do, what you did do, what made you sad, what made you happy.  Then write about what you want for 2013.  Say goodbye to 2012.

Take some time and really reflect upon this past year.  Put it to rest.  Move on to the new year.

Happy Holidays!



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Any questions, let me know!

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