Craft Show Tips: Packing Checklist

Lititz Craft Show STand

This photo is from the big craft over the summer I did in my hometown, Lititz, PA.  I have another Lititz Craft Show coming up – thankfully indoors.

Whenever I have a craft show that I’m preparing for (indoors or outdoors) there are 2 things I always do – especially if it’s been a while since I’ve done a craft show.

1.  I make a list everything I want to make for the show and how many of each thing I want to make.

For example, I might want to make sure I have 40 pairs of earrings.  Then I’ll break down the list further for the different styles.

As I’m at my work table making earrings, I cross off my list what I made.

2.  Get out my packing list and make sure that I’m stocked up on all the essentials I need for the show.  Indoor shows are so much easier than outdoor because you don’t have all the supplies for the tent and weather.  However, you still have a lot to pack.

Craft Show Tips Packing List  <– click there to get the packing list I use.  It’s from my eBook, Craft Show Tips 3.0

Good luck at any holiday shows you’re getting ready for!

Warmly, Kim

Craft Show Tips


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