Digital Scrapbook Week: Day 2, Journaling

WeddingJournaling is really the heart of any scrapbook.  Journaling is what sets scrapbooking apart from a pretty photo book.  Really, when you think about it, a scrapbook isn’t a scrapbook without it.

I’ll admit journaling is one of the more difficult parts of scrapbooking for me.  I always feel self-conscious whenever I do it – people may read my journaling and what if it doesn’t sound right.  (Ironic considering I have no problem blogging, isn’t it?)

To help you with some basic journaling, here are some things I do when I journal in my scrapbooks.

1.  Where was I?

Simple, yes, but important.  It may seem completely obvious at the time when you take the photo and are in the moment.  You’re sure you will never forget that moment.  The truth is, however, that a couple years down the road you may actually not remember where you were.  Even if you are traveling and you’re sure that a landmark will always remind you…it may not.

Make sure you tell where you were and give specific details.  i.e. The Visionary Art Museum in Baltimore, MD, or the Edgar Allan Poe home in Philadelphia, PA, etc.

2.  When the photos took place.  Self-explanatory:  the date.

3.  What the occasion was that you are documenting.  Your birthday, Sally’s wedding, Mary’s bridal shower, honeymoon, etc.

4.  Who are the people in the photos.  Your scrapbook will hopefully be passed down through generations, so you want to identify the people in the photos who may be unrecognizable to your grandkids decades later.  (You may even forget in several years!)

5.  Your feelings about the day or event that you are scrapbooking.

6.  Any interesting or funny anecdotes.  Did something funny happen?  Did something terrible happen?  Did you get a flat tire (maybe not funny at the time, but definitely funny later…)?

I hope these tips get you started on your scrapbooking!

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