Digital Scrapbooking Week AND MyMemories Software Giveaway

I’m so excited to present Digital Scrapbooking Week!

Each day I’ll have a post all about digital scrapbooking.

– Do you already scrapbook, but wonder what’s this digital scrapbooking?

– Wondering why you should try digital scrapbooking?

– Think you don’t have time to scrapbook?

– Wondering how to get started?

Find it all out here!

How I got started scrapbooking:

I started scrapbooking at a young age.  I remember when I was in elementary school – in 3rd or 4th grade – I was a pom pom girl.  (Basically a cheerleader.  We did a halftime show during pee wee football game and competitions.)  My mom suggested that I start a scrapbook.

Back then scrapbooking was not at all what it is now.  I basically used an album with sticky pages, cut out newspaper clippings, ribbons and whatever I felt was important at the time and then put the plastic back over the page.

As I got older and the scrapbooking supplies got better, so did my scrapbooks.  I have more than 20 scrapbooks from the first 25 years of my life.

Then I started to get really busy.  I would save bits and pieces of things that I thought I would someday scrapbook in a drawer.  I had probably close to 10 years of stuff in various drawers and boxes.  When we moved a couple of years ago to a much smaller place, I went through and got rid of a lot of that stuff and the rest got put in boxes in put into storage.

I rarely even print photos these days.  To think, I was the person who would never switch from film cameras and boycotted digital when the digital cameras first came out.  Yes, I still love film cameras, but I mostly use digital now.

Digital Scrapbooking:

Now most of everything I do is digital.  My photos are on flickr and I share them on facebook, too, but I rarely print them.

I don’t have the time to do traditional scrapbooking, nor do I have the space to store all my memories that are waiting to be placed in albums, the papers, the embellishments, glue dots, empty albums, etc.

Truthfully, I was pretty skeptical about digital scrapbooking.  I thought I would try it and not like it.  I figured I would either do traditional scrapbooking or none at all.

Boy was I wrong!  I love digital scrapbooking!  It’s quick, it’s easy.  I don’t have to dig through photos, paper, embellishments, pens, scissors, etc.  In fact, I don’t have to store anything.  I don’t have to put off scrapbooking because I forgot that I ran out of an important supply.

Everything you need is right on your computer, right at your fingertips.  Plus when you want new background papers, embellishments or a whole kit, you can just got to MyMemories for instant download.  Instant gratification!

Plus my photos are right on my computer, too, so it’s all very convenient!

How MyMemories works:

To my surprise, it is so easy to use!  You can even create an entire album with a few quick clicks!

MyMemories comes with free options.  MyMemories offers a lot of free layouts in addition!  At first I did a lot of scrapbooking with the freebies.  Then I realized how inexpensive the kits were and you can use them over and over again.  (Unlike traditional paper – you use it up, you buy more.)

Are you a small business owner or blog owner?  You’ll Love MyMemories!

If you have a small business and you’re trying to do a lot of it on your own, you’ll MyMemories for all your digital image needs.  My header was created using MyMemories.  Most of the graphics I use I create with MyMemories.  The amount of things you will discover you can do with this software is astonishing.

I do many things I once had to pay someone else to do!


I have a wonderful giveaway for you!

MyMemories Digital Scrapbook Software has provided me with a copy of the brand new Version 4 of their software to giveaway to one lucky winner!!

To Enter To Win Version 4 of MyMemories software:

  • Go to the MyMemories store and check out the kits they have for sale.  Find one you like.  Click on “Reply” below this post and write which one you like.

You’ll be entered by just doing that.  However, you can get more entries for doing one or more of the following (optional):

(If you already like MyMemories or Emerging Creatively Tutorials on facebook, just leave a comment that you already are a fan.  Make sure you are a fan first.)

I’ll choose a winner randomly from all of the comments on this post on Monday, December 10th in the morning.

If you can’t wait to get started on digital scrapbooking, or you don’t win, I have a deal for you!

You can still get the MyMemories Digital Scrapbook Software for $10 off by using the code STMMMS70060.  Place the software into your shopping cart and put in the code when you check out (cut and paste it to make sure you get it right!)

Plus, you’ll get $10 to spend in the MyMemories store!

Good Luck!
P.S.  Make sure to check in every day this week for more about Digital Scrapbooking!!
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