Inspiration: Niagara Falls

Niagara Falls

My husband and I got married just about 6 months ago.  We went on our honeymoon to Niagara Falls and it is breathtaking.  The falls are indescribable.  It was probably the happiest time of my life.

When I got home I had trouble re-adjusting to regular life.  Every day was so beautiful and perfect and normal life was so…..well….normal.

Then I took a creative course (The Creative Goddess eCourse by Leonie Dawson).  I started creating art and removing my creative block.  One of the projects (to paraphrase) was to think about time or place that evokes a feeling you want to feel and to create an artwork to evoke that feeling.  Of course I decided to create a piece that reminded me of Niagara Falls.

I used paint and some lace and this is what I created:

Niagara Painting

Here is a closeup of the lace “mist”:

Niagara Painting

And a closeup of the lace cloud:

Niagara Painting

I love looking at this artwork as it takes me back to Niagara and the happiness and contentment I felt there.  I have actually made another Niagara painting since then, which is larger.

When I created this piece, I didn’t actually think I could paint.  I even felt a little weird hanging it in our house, like it wasn’t good enough.

I got over it, though, and now I love it.  In fact, since taking The Creative Goddess eCourse, I have been painting up a storm.  That’s something I never really thought I could do before.

If you could create any artwork to evoke a feeling you wanted to have every time you look at it, what would you create?  (Better yet….create it!  Post a link to a photo of it when you’re done!)



P.S.  If you are interested in knocking out your creative blocks and start creating like you never thought you could, I very highly recommend The Creative Goddess eCourse.  The next round starts in a few weeks; however, I really recommend that you sign up for the Goddess Circle Membership.  You get instant access to all of Leonie’s wonderful programs!


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