Beads & Tier Earrings

Tier Earrings

Even though I don’t do much beading anymore, per se, as a jewelry maker I always have a pretty big supply of beads around.

In fact, beads were what got me back into jewelry-making after a many-year break.  I loved seeing all the different colors and styles.

I would say the beads were what got me into jewelry making when I was a kid, too.  I had a big bag of beads all mixed up and I loved looking at my beads and running my hands through them.

Now I don’t make the same kind of beaded jewelry, but I do incorporate beads quite often.  I especially have been using beads lately since I’ve been on a wire wrapping kick.

While I used to just head to the bead store or search online for new beads, now I mainly get my beads from vintage necklaces at thrift stores or from estate sales.  I feel strongly that I want to reuse supplies as much as possible.

Tier Earrings

The beads I used to make these tier earrings came from my stash of beads.  I do believe I purchased them new, but you could make these earrings with any beads you have around in whatever colors make you happy!

These were made with gray Czech crystals and rose quartz beads.  My favorite color is pink and I really like the muted gray of the Czech beads with the pretty pink of the rose quartz.

If you want to make your own Tier Earrings, I will teach you how!  Just purchase the PDF pattern on Craftsy and you’ll have the instructions instantly!  Click here for the instructions.

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