Circles Necklace from Art Journal Inspiration

Circles Necklace from Art Journal Inspiration

A couple of days ago I shared my latest art journal page and shared about being inspired by materials.

Creative Inspiration: Materials

This is the necklace that was inspired by this art journal page:

Circles Necklace from Art Journal Inspiration

I studied the art journal page and just let all the colors and shapes sink in and this necklace came out.

In Inspired eCourse, I show you a step-by-step process for taking inspiration from the art journal pages that we make from prompts in the eCourse.

However, for this necklace I didn’t use that process specifically.

I had every intention of using the process, but instead the idea came to me in a state of sleepiness.  I saw the bottom part with the wires loosely wrapped around the stone.

The rest of it came to me more on the spot as I pulled out materials and thought about what direction the necklace would take beyond that loosely wrapped stone.

Circles Necklace from Art Journal Inspiration

I used colors from the page, which is part of the process I teach in Inspired eCourse.

I’m pretty crazy about the color combination in the necklace.  It’s something I would probably have not tried together had I not had a similar color combination in the art journal page.

Circles Necklace from Art Journal Inspiration

It’s interesting where inspiration can come from. 

I made the art journal page (inspired by materials), then made the necklace (inspired by a sleepy idea and the art journal page) and now this necklace has inspired me to sketch out a bunch of other ideas..

Where your inspiration take you?

Inspired eCourse

Need a little more inspiration for your jewelry designs?

Check out my Inspired eCourse!

The introduction is all about getting started art journaling and I also have some fun techniques for you.

Then each week you’ll get a creativity activity and art journal prompt, create an art journal page and then I’ll show you a map to go from art journal page to inspired jewelry piece.  You’ll be designing your own jewelry, but I also have a jewelry project each week to inspire you, give you techniques or you can make it if you’re feeling stuck.

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