Art Journal Page Inspiration (+ Tutorial): Circles

Art Journal Inspiration: Circles

Today I have a new art journal page to share with you.

In it, I combined my love of patterned scrapbook paper and my love of watercolors using  fun circles.

Usually my art journal pages have more of a story that I’m trying to tell or a feeling I’m trying to get out.  Today I just wanted to play with colors and shapes.

Make sure you check back tomorrow to see how this art page inspired some new jewelry!  (The jewelry was so fun to make that I made a necklace, earrings and a ring!  And I even created an eWorkshop to show you how to make them.  You can see the jewelry tomorrow and the eWorkshop will come out next week!)

Here’s the final page:

Art Journal Inspiration: Circles

I used some fun patterned paper and then matched the watercolors to the paper.

Here are the steps for creating this page:

Art Journal:  Circles

I used circle templates to make my circles.  These are from Simple Stories.

Art Journal:  Circles

First I drew different sizes of circles on my page.

Art Journal:  Circles

Art Journal:  Circles

Then I cut out circles the same sizes from patterned scrapbook paper.

Art Journal:  Circles

I used the circle templates to cut out the circles.

Art Journal:  Circles

I didn’t glue them down yet.

Art Journal:  Circles

I used watercolors to make circles around the circles I drew in different colors until the page was all filled up.

(Sorry I forgot to take a photo of the page with just the watercolors.  You can kind of see it in the next photo.)

Art Journal:  Circles

Next I glued the patterned paper circles down.

Art Journal Inspiration: Circles

That’s the final page!

Are you interested in art journaling?  I have a new eCourse that starts on Monday, February 15, 2016 that combines art journaling and jewelry making!

Inspired eCourse

Each week you get an art journal prompt and activity and lots of ideas and inspiration from my sample pages.  Then we’ll pull the inspiration from the art journal pages to make a map for designing jewelry.  Finally, you’ll make your jewelry piece.  I also give you a jewelry project tutorial each week for more inspiration.

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